The Elven General

This impressive outfit was designed for an elven LARP character, known for his nobility and martial prowess! The color scheme being comprised of midnight blue, anthracite grey, chocolate brown and gold-bronze, we had ample options to create a most memorable costume made of a padded coat, a paneled skirt, a belt and a leather collar.

Inspired by the overlapping layers of an insect, the general aesthetic gives off an upper class and military style while still being comfortable, modular and mobile. The coat is made of a mix of fabric: faux suede, linen with a gambeson-like effect and an anthracite colored gambeson with bronze accents. The three-quarter sleeves, folded, are attached to the front with leather straps and three layers of overlapping panels. The detachable skirt, in dark blue cotton, is asymmetric and also composed of multiple panels. Each of these panels is decorated with a vinyl print of an elvish text with an unknown meaning... The collar, made of molded thick vegetal leather, is covered with two layers of supple textured leather to give a more complex finish. The belt, made of the same textured supple leather, reminds of the distinguished patterns of the collar. The bracers were a previous creation of the Atelier de l'Arbre Mécanique which we modified to make them more comfortable following the wishes of the customer! The set is enhanced with his own accessories (additional belt, an Armstreet fibula, the scroll holder and necklaces) and we also completed the outfit with a pair of Armstreet boots, Nemesis' naginata and dagger, a pair of bracers from Epic Armory, a Dave Jones Locker's scroll and a few other accessories.

Costume by Les Artisans d'Azure
Weapons by Les Ateliers Nemesis
Photos by Open Shutter Photographie

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