The Silk Merchant

Iram said the" limitless "was the most ferocious merchant that could be seen on the Silk Road. Legends say that he never had an escort since the vision of him imposed respect and prostration among bandits and thieves. His bow was keen, his armor impenetrable and his mind unparalleled. His wisdom came from the Tibetan monks and his education from the libraries of Constantinople. His honor came from the Christian Templars, and his aggressiveness was sharpened with the Mongolian riders."Limitless" was a worldwide merchant who brought the finest spices and the softest silks to the four corners of the known lands. Share his caravan, and not only will you have the safest road, but also the most beautiful  campfire stories.

The Silk merchant is a custom project made for one of our most veteran artisan. The armor alternates soft leather scales, a padded and studded leather breastplate with hand-engraved borders. The bracers, coif, and belts are also unique, matching materials and colors of the project.

Armor and accessories by les Artisans d'Azure

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