Chaos Armor by les Artisans d'Azure

Decorated by metallic rings, dark leather borders, and rich colored patina, this armor made of vegetable leather is truly an impressive piece. The dye presents an amazing level of detail, evoking veins, fiery ambers, and crimson scales. In addition to offering full protection for the torso and back, this armor includes an imposing set of pauldrons with leather crests supporting the same finish as the rest of the set, as well as a long stole. The torso is made from mobile leather bands that allow good flexibility despite the thickness of the leather.

This kit also includes a helmet, as well as tassets, greeves, bracers, and articulated leather gauntlets with clawed fingers. In addition to these smaller pieces, a large belt supports the lower torso and might include a decorative leather skirt. 

This unique and impressive full LARP armor is a perfect fit for any cultist, demon, draconic knight, or chaotic warrior character. Its crimson red and detailed finish will guarantee you to make a strong impression. 

Chaos Gauntlets

Les Artisans d'Azure


Chaos Bracers

Les Artisans d'Azure


Chaos Scabbard

Les Artisans d'Azure


Chaos Pouch

Les Artisans d'Azure


Kaos Sword

Ateliers Némésis

Starting at $220.00

Chaos Spellbook

Les Artisans d'Azure


Chaos Large Belt with Tassets

Les Artisans d'Azure


Chaos Helmet

Les Artisans d'Azure

Starting at $395.00

Full Chaos Armor

Les Artisans d'Azure


Chaos Armor with Pauldrons

Les Artisans d'Azure


Chaos Large Belt

Les Artisans d'Azure

Starting at $270.00

Chaos Armor - Torso

Les Artisans d'Azure

Starting at $465.00

Chaos Pauldrons

Les Artisans d'Azure


Chaos Greaves with Knees

Les Artisans d'Azure


Chaos Leather Stole

Les Artisans d'Azure