Militiaman Armor - Torso
Militiaman Armor - Torso
Militiaman Armor - Torso
Militiaman Armor - Torso
Militiaman Armor - Torso
Militiaman Armor - Torso
Militiaman Armor - Torso
Les Artisans d'Azure

Militiaman Armor - Torso


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The infantry column was walking under the scorching sun, spears in hand and with an empty stomach. What a sad sight they were, all looking pretty beat up after a short skirmish against orcs earlier this day. The captain talked about a great victory, but it was at best an exaggeration. One of the soldiers was covered with so many bandages he was barely recognizable. He was dragging his feet behind the rest of the column, brooding and mumbling. 

''Join the army they said... You will see the world they said...''


Affordable and offering full torso protection, this streamlined armor is particularly adapted for customization. Its minimalist design makes it a versatile piece of equipment that can be combined with many types of characters, while also making the armor easier to customize. The torso main chest piece can be engraved on-demand, or improved with additional leather or metal plates. This is the perfect armor for a humble soldier, a guard, a militiaman, or a classic man-at-arm. It can also be easily worn under a tabard for a more authentic style. 


  • Thick leather 9-10 oz / 4mm
  • Brass-plated eyelets, buckles, and rivets


  • Adjustable with straps
  • Removable pauldrons
  • Easy to customize (tell us about your project !)

Size (Chest Size) 

  • Medium : 32 to 38 inches/ 84 to 97 cm
  • Large : 38 to 44 inches/ 97 to 110 cm
  • X-Large : 44 to 50 inches/ 110 to 122 cm
  • 2X-Large : 50 to 56 inches/ 122 to 142 cm

Handmade in Quebec, Canada, by Les Artisans d'Azure

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