14th-15th Pauldrons 16ga
14th-15th Pauldrons 16ga
14th-15th Pauldrons 16ga
Lord of Battles

14th-15th Pauldrons 16ga


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These articulated plate pauldrons inspired by the Late Middle Ages are the perfect accessory to complete a full plate armor set, a coat-of-plates, or to be added on top of a simple gambeson. Held in place by lacings and eyelets, they are compatible with all Artisans d'Azure's armors. These metal pauldrons can be used in LARP, SCA events, or medieval re-enactment, and will fit any knight, warrior, soldier, or mercenary. 


  • Sold by pair
  • Weight of 2 pounds each
  • Length of 11 inches
  • 16 gauge steel
  • Held in place with lacings and eyelets

Made in India by Lord of Battles