Back Scabbard with Hooks
Back Scabbard with Hooks
Back Scabbard with Hooks
Back Scabbard with Hooks
Back Scabbard with Hooks
Back Scabbard with Hooks
Back Scabbard with Hooks
Back Scabbard with Hooks
Les Artisans d'Azure

Back Scabbard with Hooks


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The intimidating highlander looks at the highwayman and his short rapier, then burst into laughter, not at all feeling threatened. 

''That ? That's not a sword....''

In a quick motion, he draws a massive five feet long claymore from his back, the huge weapon striking the smallsword and sending it flying down the ravine, while the warrior is still laughting loudly, his voice echoing in the valley. 

''That's a sword !'' 


This back scabbard is your greatsword apreciator's best friend. The sword is held in place firmly by a strap at the belt, which opens and releases the blade easily with a torsion of the wrist. With this clever system, you no longer need to compromise your draw speed to gain the comfort and impressive look given by carrying your sword on your back. This accessory is perfect for any LARP sword too long to be carried on the hip, especialy bastard swords and greatswords. 


  • Leather 9-10 oz/ 4mm
  • Brass-plated antique rivets, eyelets, and snap
  • Leather 5-6 oz/ 2mm
  • Aluminium hooks


  • Can be fixed on the back of an armor, or on one of our X or Y shaped harness 
  • Allows to draw from the back, no matter the lenght of the blade 
  • Includes two pieces (back and waist)
  • Fits most Calimacil, Nemesis and Epic Armoury swords 

Handmade in Quebec, Canada by Les Artisans d'Azure

Sword, belt, and harness not included