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This simple but effective foam and latex buckler is an ideal shield for sparring in LARP. The single leather wrapped handle sits within the metal colored umbo(boss) protecting your hand during battle while allowing great mobility for active parry and deflection. The near realistic finish on the front of the shield further accentuates this light medieval shield loved for civilian defense, duel, and skirmish combat. Very effective for hit and run tactics, fast paced combat, and fighting in the woods, this small rounded shield was very popular for raiders, bandits, scouts, rangers, and travelers. It can also be carried be pikemen and archers as a back up defense in case they get caugh in close quarter combat. 


  • Handle: Foam covered with black and brown suede
  • Durable foam and latex coating
  • High safety (CE Certified Worldwide)
  • Diameter: 40cm (15 3/4 in)
  • Thickness: 2.5cm (1 in)

Made in Inda by Epic Armory