Captain Deep III
Captain Deep III
Captain Deep III

Captain Deep III


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Far from the battlefield and far from the crusades does not mean far from danger. At sea, you need to beware of storms, krakens and reefs, but furthermore, beware of pirates. These cruel men plundering ships, drinking, and plundering again are a sight to behold. The legends says that, one night after heavy drinking, the most fearsome of all, Captain Deep, lost his precious scimitar, the same sword he used to get himself at the top of the chaotic hierarchy of the pirates. He had to get it back, before anyone heard the news. Far and wide, near deserts and high mountain tops, he looked everywhere. With time, he began to think his sword was stolen. His troubled mind never found peace, always looking for the traitor. That's why, wherever you may be, if you find a very peculiar sword, don't touch it, unless you want to awaken Captain Deep's ghost... But acquiring the most important symbol of the whole pirate world should be worth a little ghost-hunting, does it?


This third version of Captain Deep's scimitar is fitted with a battle-safe, iron-coloured Calimacil foam blade, and includes many small details, making it an exceptional weapon in LARP. It's hilt is fitted with an octopus holding a skull and a precious ruby making it a perfect symbol of social ranking, as well as serving as a robust protection for the hand. The handle enables a sure and comfortable grip, and the realism of the whole weapon makes it perfect for pirate lords, corsairs captains, and dangerous second mates on any ship.


  • Weight: 500 gr
  • Total length : 85 cm (33 1/2 in)
  • Handle length : 15 cm
  • Calimacil foam
  • Fiberglass core

Made in Canada, by Calimacil