Chainmail Hauberk - Long Sleeves
Chainmail Hauberk - Long Sleeves
Chainmail Hauberk - Long Sleeves
Lord of Battles

Chainmail Hauberk - Long Sleeves


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Hauberk were the main armor for professionnal soldiers and the nobility during most of the high Middle Ages, from the Normand invasion of England to the Crusades. This long sleeve hauberk with butted rings is an adaptation of this historical classic, a great armor for any knight or heavily armored soldier in LARP. 


  • Ring Size : 9mm 16 gauge
  • Butted Mail
  • Round High Tensile Wire Rings with Natural Finish

Sizes (Chest Size / Weight)

  • Medium : up to 44 inches / 24 pounds
  • Large : up to 50 inches / 27 pounds
  • X-Large : up to 56 inches / 31 pounds

Made in India by Lord of Battles