Dragon Egg Deluxe Set
Dragon Egg Deluxe Set
Dragon Egg Deluxe Set
Dragon Egg Deluxe Set
Dragon Egg Deluxe Set
Dragon Egg Deluxe Set
Dragon Egg Deluxe Set
Dragon Egg Deluxe Set
Dragon Egg Deluxe Set
Dragon Egg Deluxe Set

Dragon Egg Deluxe Set


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In the world of Seyrawyn, Dragon eggs are allies that help us to develop the skills to accomplish the great quest of our life. Thus, future dragon keeper must rely on their intuition.

  • The Green Dragon has the soul and the attitude of a Forest Warden. He protects animals and plants alike. He will often test the abilities of those who wishes to cross his grove in the woods.
  • The Red Dragon has the predisposition of an Avenger. He upholds the laws, protects and avenges the innocents. He is the only fire-breathing dragon.
  • The Pink Dragon is a Sylphid, a gracious and nurturing fairy dragon. This beautiful and gentle dragon is sensitive and helps preserve harmony.
  • The Black Dragon is a courageous Adventurer that loves challenges. He is always seaching for new personnal prowesses.
  • The Purple Dragon is a fairy dragon and has the spirit and attitude of a Wiccan. He respects witchcraft and pagan traditions, ancient and new. He is aware of the surrounding energies and is open to see all Life’s possibilities.
  • The Bronze Dragon likes observe other to understand them better, acting as an Ethologist. Under his dragon’s or elf’s form, he passionately studies animals (including humans) behavior in their environment. 
  • The Blue dragon is an Illusionnist. Master of games and illusions, he focuses on discovering the intents and morality of the ones he meets. 
  • The White Dragon is a real Artist. In his frozen domain, he pours his time and efforts on his artistic creativity, building masterpieces from ice and snow.
  • The Silver Dragon has a Druid’s attitude and spirit. Alternating between elf and human form, he is the master of the five primordial elements : water, air, fire, earth and metal.


Seyrawyn's collectible eggs come with a set of accessories for future dragon keepers. The Deluxe Dragon Egg set include 1 Collectible Marble Egg, 1 Leather pouch, 1 Dragon keeper oath, 1 Adoption photo card and 1 Collection Coin.

How to choose your dragon ? 

  • Method # 1 : Choose by color and energy that draws you, the dragon is calling you.
  • Method # 2 : Choose an ally who has the same affinities as you.
  • Method # 3 : Choose an ally who will complete you.


  • Weight (g): 410
  • Total Length (cm): 15,5
  • Materials: Natural Leather , Metal , Plastic , Other

Made in Québec, Canada by Seyrawyn