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This impressive two-handed sword, also called doppelsoldner, is a powerful and effective melee weapon specialised to face piques and other polearms. An historical reproduction from the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, this large LARP latex blade is perfect to keep throngs of opponents at bay with large sweeping strikes, abusing your reach for unmatched crowd control. This sword is also unique thanks to it's iconic ''8'' shaped guard, but more importantly the point shaped secondary guard up the blade. This feature allows sword binding and other historical techniques such a half swording that can't be easily reproduced with most LARP weapons. You can now face enemies in close quarter combat simply by changing your grip on the sword, making a very versatile weapon. It's the perfect blade for mercenaries, rugged soldiers, and bodyguards in LARP.


  • Length : Two-Handed : 130 cm (51 in) Colossal : 150 cm (59 in)
  • Soft and resisting tip made for thrusting
  • Sturdy and flexible reinforcements along the whole length of the blade
  • A counter weight in the handle for enhanced handling
  • One year limited warranty against workmanship defects

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Handmade in Quebec, Canada by Nemesis Workshop