Full Scabbard: 32in/81cm Blade
Full Scabbard: 32in/81cm Blade
Les Artisans d'Azure

Full Scabbard: 32in/81cm Blade


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With a satisfied grunt, Roric lifted his blade from the wetstone, testing the edge with his callous thumb. Perfect. For a modest man-at-arm as himself, owning such a weapon was a real acheivement, and the rugged soldier was taking care of his treasure almost like it was his own daughter. This was why he didn't waited long to order a scabbard worthy of this noble sword. The last thing he wanted was too look like one of those amateur sticking their blade insde their belt, or casualy roaming the streets with a death tool on their shoulder. He grunted with disdain at the thought. No, he was better than that, he was a professionnal. 

Description : 

This full leather scabbard covers your blade in its integrality for an authentic historical finish. The straps can be adjusted according to a large variety of angles for optimal comfort and to garantee increased fluidity when it's time to sheet or unsheet your weapon while LARPing. This long scabbard is optimal to add a bit of decorum on any medieval character, giving your outfit an additional degree of historicity for your favorite LARP event. 


  • Leather 5-6 oz / 2mm
  • Antique brass-plated rings, rivets, and eyelets 


  • Made for blades up to 32in / 81cm long. 
  • Created to fit Calimacil, Epic Armoury, and Stronghold swords
  • Ajustable at five different angles

Made in Canada by les Artisans d'Azure

Accessories not included