Gothic Complete Armor
Gothic Complete Armor
Gothic Complete Armor
Gothic Complete Armor
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Gothic Complete Armor


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This impressive fantasy plate armor set is inspired by gothic armors from the Late Middle Ages, some of the best and most intricate armors of the times. Made for LARP, this is a piece that is perfectly suited for knights, paladins, champions, and royal guards.
Includes :
  • Gothic Armored Arms
  • Gothic Leg Armor
  • Gothic Cuirass & Back Plate
  • Tassets
  • Gothic Gorget
  • Gothic Pauldrons

Characteristics :

  • 1 mm (18 gauge) steel 
  • Steel rivets
  • Quality leather straps
  • Rolled edges (safe for LARP weapons)

Size Chart :

  • Upper leg length : 21cm / 8.25 inches
  • Arm length : 43cm / 17 inches
  • Chest width : 46cm / 18 inches
  • Torso length : 81cm / 32 inches


Made in India by Epic Armoury