Holbein Dagger (To be DISCONTINUED)


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Holbein Dagger, the Adventurer

This foam dagger is sealed over a fiberglass core. Made in a sturdy and symmetrical design, the weapon measures 17.5 inches/44.5 cm in total length, with a blade length of under a foot. This LARP-safe dagger is ideal for assassin characters and anyone anticipating close combat encounters. Aesthetically pleasing, the Holbein dagger appears handcrafted and of Germanic origin. This basic utilitarian foam dagger could work in multiple LARP settings including medieval fantasy, historical, post-apocalyptic, modern, or steampunk. The dagger weights less than half a pound with it's six inches hilt and 2.5 inches crossguard. Weight - 0.4 lbs - 160 gr Total Length - 17.5" - 44.5 cm Blade Length - 11.5" - 29.2 cm Cross Guard length - 2.5" - 6.4 cm Hilt Length - 6" - 15.2 cm Hilt Colors - Black Core - Fiberglass