Kunai Caesar


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The Calimacil Caesar, a type of boot knife, is a concealable knife featuring a double-edged blade. These knives are typically placed in a protective sheath and carried in or on one's boot. You could also carry them on a belt, under a pant leg or on the back of your neck.

This design, simple and effective, gives tribute to all the backstabbers of History. Even when planning to kill a Roman dictator, one does not need a two-handed sword; just a few 23 hits of this roguish dagger will get the job done.

IMPORTANT: Calimacil's boot knives have no inner shaft. They are entirely made of ultra-resistant Calimacil's foam and can be thrown safely.

Additional Informations

  • Hilt Colors - Red, Steel 
  • Core - None 
  • Material - Calimacil Foam




  • Total Length - 11.2" - 28.4 cm
  • Blade Length - 7.25" - 18.4 cm
  • Blade Thickness - 1" - 2.5 cm
  • Cross Guard length - 1.5" - 3.8 cm
  • Hilt Length - 3.75" - 9.5 cm

Weight - 0.2 lbs - 100 gr