Long Corset Belt Manuscript – Magellan's Map
Long Corset Belt Manuscript – Magellan's Map
Long Corset Belt Manuscript – Magellan's Map
Long Corset Belt Manuscript – Magellan's Map
Les Artisans d'Azure

Long Corset Belt Manuscript – Magellan's Map


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''Are yah hearing the call of the sea my friends ? Do you dream of the great blue expanse and the salty smell of the ocean waves ? Do you share the fascination for the mysteries of the deep, where no light ever shines ? Would you dare fight them merfolks, ride the turtle-island, or hunt the great kraken back into the abyss ? I kid you not, The Blue Lion is hiring mariners, both wise and crazy. Believe me mah friends, Captain Veronica will welcome y'all with open arms !''


The complex design of this corset belt comes from meticulously drawn pictures, retouched and printed on thick canvas. This canvas cover creates a magnificient ''parchment'' finish reminding the details of classical marine map decorations, including sea creatures and boats. With its vegetable leather structure and its handmade stitchings, this wide belt is as resilient as it is comfortable. Its trully unique look will greatly enhance any LARP costume, may it be for an explorer, pirate, sea witch, or mariner character. 


  • Printed canvas with hand drawed pictures 
  • Vegetable leather 5-6 oz / 2mm
  • Rivets, buttons, eyelets and decorations in brass plated metal 


  • Easy to adust by yourself, unlike a corset
  • The drawings pattern and finish might differ from the picture
  • Stops right under the curve of the breasts 

Size (Waist)

  • X-Small : 24 to 26 inches / 60 to 66 cm
  • Small : 27 to 29 inches / 69 to 74 cm
  • Medium : 30 to 33 inches / 76 to 84 cm
  • Large : 34 to 37 inches / 86 to 94 cm
  • X-Large : 38 to 42 inches / 96 to 107 cm

Handmade in Quebec, Canada by Les Artisans d'Azure