Nimilgyr Sword
Nimilgyr Sword
Nimilgyr Sword

Nimilgyr Sword


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Ten years it has been. Ten years since the Red Terror came for its tribute of gold and gem. Ten years since my father, in all his bravery, tried to deny it. Unfortunately though, no one can say no to a dragon and stay there to tell the tale.

That is, unless, they are like me. I have trained relentlessly, climbed the ranks of the Order, slew more wyrms than I can count. And now, ten years later, I am in front of the city's gate with my most trusted friend Nimilgyr hanging on my side. No, I will not meet the same fate as my father, and yes, I will avenge his memory.

The Nimilgyr LARP sword is part of the Calisoft lineup. It features a softer foam, perfect for light combat or for kids. The blade is gray and very flexible, and the handle is steel-colored and black. The pommel and guard have detailed dragon engravings for a fantasy look. Perfect for kids, this sword will turn  them into anything their imagination can bring to life. From proud knights to dark rogues, Nimilgyr can also be used as a short sword by everyone. There again, the only limit is your imagination!


  • Weight (gr)     300.0000
  • Total Length (cm)      71
  • Blade Length (cm)     50
  • Handle Length (cm)   20
  • Grip Length (cm)       11

Made by Calimacil