Noble Breastplate
Noble Breastplate
Noble Breastplate
Les Artisans d'Azure

Noble Breastplate


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The truth was that the Viscount of High-Flambor was a man like few others. According to his courtiers, the nobleman never slept more than two hours per night, and never drank fewer than two bottle of wine when he decided to indulge in the vice of alcohol. He had a large pack of hunting hounds, which were all of the purest white, and he knew the name of every single pup like if they were his own children. Each morning, the man trained with his men-at-arms before travelling to the town market with his intendant, where he personally bargained for all of the domain purchases, often at the advantage of the merchants, who knew the Viscount had a generous nature despite his sometime hard demeanor. In the evening, the lord often ended up in the chapel, where he inevitably started theological debates with his bishop which lasted past dusk. The noble was often bordering heresy with his provocative questions, but the bishop was a friend and didn't mind to indulge in his liege's eccentricity. It wasn't a surprise for anyone when the Viscount finally arrived on the battlefield wearing this breastplate of a crimson so intense it looked like he had bled a bull this very morning. After all, no one could expect the lord of High-Flambor to accept to conform to the army standard. 


This leather breastplate as been created for live action roleplaying and has been dyed by hand. Protecting the front of the body, this intensely colored armor displays a meticulous finish, making it a very noticeable piece that is more than appropriate for any extravagant or wealthy character desiring to display his panache and luxury. If this armor is perfect for nobles, bourgeois, or aristocrats, its intense red color can also suit more sinister character in LARP, may it be a red baron, a vampire lord, or an infernalist. 


  • Thick Vegetable Leather 8-9 oz / 4mm
  • Flexible Leather 5-6 oz / 2mm 
  • Brass-plated rivets, eyelets & buckles

Dimensions (Chest Size)

  • Medium: 32 to 38 inches – 81cm to 97cm
  • Large: 38 to 44 inches – 97cm to 112 cm
  • X-large: 44 to 50 inches – 112cm to 127cm
  • 2X-large : 50 to 56 inches – 127cm to 142cm

Handmade in Quebec, Canada by Les Artisans d’Azure