Novice II
Novice II
Novice II

Novice II


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We all are part of this great and beautiful army. Fighting off the invasions of dire creatures, finding traitors to the crown and keeping the peace in the Empire, we are all but one arm, united for a cause. This is why all our swords were forged the same. With our rigorous training and years of experience, our gear makes us the perfect symbol righteousness and humility, even beyond our lands. Maybe our names won’t be remembered, but each one of us is a page in the history of our nation.


The Novice II is a versatile weapon that will be appropriate for a large array of characters. This is a perfect pick for a first purchase since its classic design can fit any medieval character, and it doesn't require any kind of maintenance. This sword will be best used for mundane characters in LARP, such as knights, men-at-arms, mercenaries, or simple soldiers. 


  • Length : Short : 77 cm (30 1/4 in) Medium: 91 cm (35 3/4 in) Long: 103 cm (40 1/2 in)
  • Material - Calimacil Foam
  • Core - Fiberglass

Made in Quebec, Canada, by Calimacil