Sipahi Axe (To be DISCONTINUED)
Sipahi Axe (To be DISCONTINUED)
Sipahi Axe (To be DISCONTINUED)
Sipahi Axe (To be DISCONTINUED)

Sipahi Axe (To be DISCONTINUED)


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Sipahi, the Ottoman Warrior

As he was riding across the arid plains, he could start to smell the saltiness fill the air. They were certainly closer to the sea, and would soon reach their target. Looking at his axe, fixed on the saddle, he couldn’t help but relish in the adrenaline coursing through his veins thinking of the battle to come. They would conquer this great city, and they would finally lay low their enemy. Sure, the battle would only be the first of many of this great siege, but deep down, he could feel that they were about to change the way things were. Constantinople would fall!


The cultural and historical inspiration of this weapon makes it very unique, as its design comes directly from indo-persan archeological findings. Versatile, it can be used in a myriad of ways to suit your fighting style. Be it one or two-handed, or with a back swing with the rear spike, it will be just as safe. Made of our famous Calimacil Foam, it will be nearly as durable as the Ottoman empire itself. This new addition to our catalog is a prize choice for people looking for more historical options instead of fantasy design. Ideal, or course, for any cavalrymen from the Middle East, it will also please any axe-loving warrior, may it be a man-at-arm, a soldier or a knight.


  • Total lenght of 90 cm
  • Made of Calimacil foam

Made in Quebec, Canada by Calimacil