Unpainted Round Shield
Unpainted Round Shield
Epic Armoury

Unpainted Round Shield


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Iconic accessory of the medieval man-at-arms, the round shield is a true classic, often used as much as a protective tool as a way to present their colors on the battlefield. This foam shield comes unpainted, making it the perfect shield to be customized according to your needs, may it be to display a coat of arms, a clan symbol, or a personal design. 


  • Unpainted
  • Foam structure
  • Engraved border resembling a metal rim. 
  • 19,5 inches / 50 cm circumference 


Les Artisans d'Azure offers a professional service to cover unpainted Epic Armoury shields. On demand, our team can produce and glue a custom printed canvas on the shield, specifically made to represent your character's emblem, your guild's coat of arms, or your religious symbol in LARP. We can adapt a symbol of your choice, or design a completely original crest according do your specifications. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about this customization service! 

  • The service includes the printing, the canevas and the installation on the shield.
  • A high quality picture is required (3000x3000 pixels or vector graphics) sent to info@artisansdazure.com.
  • Infographic fees may be applied depending on the project.


  • Cotton and polyester
  • Mat
  • 15 mils thickness 

Shield produced in India by Epic Armoury
Printing made in Québec, Canada by MFBB Lettering