Viking Dragon Shield
Viking Dragon Shield
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Viking Dragon Shield


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Decorated with the same legendary dragons that we engraved on the front of drakars and other scandinavian longships, this large latex rond shield is an historical reproduction of the ones wielded by Norse warrios. The terrors of every coastal village or river bank in medieval Europe, viking raiders used these rond shield to fight in tight shield wall formation, stricking fast and hard at any resistance they met in their raids. Best used in pair with a battle axe or a wide bladed viking sword, this nimble and versatile center grip shield can serve any warrior, raider, shieldmaiden, jarl, or rugged explorer in LARP. Valhalla will have to wait, this shield won't let you die easily. 


  • Size: 80 cm (31 1/2 in)
  • Materials: foam and latex
  • Safe for LARP combat
  • Center grip

Made in India by Epic Armoury