Female Armors

Make the Difference

Our women's armors merge practicality and aesthetic. We developed several models adapted to better serve the female Larpers' needs. Starting with fantasy armors that offers great mobility to the heavy armors that provide maximum protection, we also created corset specially reinforced for battle. Les Artisans d'Azure offers a great selection for any type of female character. All of our leather armors are made locally by tradesmen and tradeswomen passionate about roleplay and offer real protection against blows. Tested by our staff, our armors are designed to be comfortable enough to be worn through a full weekend without discomfort. Moreover, like all our LARP leather armors, women armors are guaranteed for life.

Armor Corset with Pauldrons

Les Artisans d'Azure

Starting at $315.00

Valkyrie's Armor - Torso

Les Artisans d'Azure

Starting at $425.00

Outlaw Corset

Les Artisans d'Azure

Starting at $225.00

Shieldmaiden Armor Corset



Valkyrie's Armor & Pauldrons - Torso

Les Artisans d'Azure


Full Outlaw Female Armor

Les Artisans d'Azure


Outlaw Female Armor with Hood & Pauldrons

Les Artisans d'Azure


Valkyrie's Full Female Leather Armor Set

Les Artisans d'Azure