Wrapped in Mystery 

All veterans will tell you that having something on your head is a simple but effective way to bring a distinctive look to a character. We offer a wide selection of hoods allowing you to embody a multitude of characters. Our wool hoods will protect you from the cold and rain while other hoods simply offer lightweight cotton protection from the sun and unwanted glances. Need some patterns or fake fur, our hoods offer a wide range of options to bring nuances in the appearance of your historical or fantasy character in LARP without the clutter of a long, heavy cloak.


Altair Hooded Cowl

Epic Armoury


Wool Hood

Leonardo Carbone


Hood Basic

Epic Armoury


Benson Hood



Hood Medieval

Epic Armoury


Assassin Leather Hood

Les Artisans d'Azure


Gugel Cucullus



Gugel Capellus



Hunter's High Collar

Les Artisans d'Azure


Fairy Tale Hood



Gugel Curt



Elven Hood

Epic Armoury