Other Weapons

Unusual Weapons for Creative Fighters

For tavern brawlers and other battle-hardened street thugs, anything can be turned into an improvised weapon. The latex and foam weapons of this section include various miscellaneous objects for battle enthusiasts of all kind. Whether you play a frustrated fishmonger, an angry ogress wielding her rolling pin or simply a drunkard too easy to provoke, you will find here many unusual weapons for your LARP characters. This section also includes a few accessories for Calimacil foam swords.

Cretzer Ring



Friar Tuck Bottle



War Fish - FG

La Forge du Gobelin


Latex Pitcher of Beer - EA

Epic Armoury


Tsuba Samourai



Tsuba Bonzai



Eldar Tonfa - Nemesis

Ateliers Némésis


Tsuba Dragon