Legion Armor by Les Artisans d'Azure

This antique muscle cuirass is an iconic armor from the classical period. Widely used around the Mediterranean sea during the Antiquity, it remained in use during the Roman era. Often reserved for the senior officers, aristocrats, and generals, this prestigious armor was made of hard leather or sculpted bronze. Our version of this timeless classic is made from thick molded leather, dyed by hand for a most impressive finish. It is an authentic armor piece that will please both adepts of LARP and fans of historical re-enactment. The Legion armor is perfectly suited for any greco-roman character such as a hoplite, centurion, divine champion, demigod, or mythological hero. The set also includes classic Roman styled equipment such as the baldric, the combat skirt, and the galea helmet, as well as Antiquity inspired greaves and bracers to finish this full armor.

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Legion Armor

Les Artisans d'Azure


Legion Armored Arm

Les Artisans d'Azure


Full Legion Armor

Les Artisans d'Azure


Legion Battle Skirt

Les Artisans d'Azure

Starting at $395.00

Legion Helmet

Les Artisans d'Azure


Legion Scabbard

Les Artisans d'Azure


Legion Greaves

Les Artisans d'Azure


Legion Bracers

Les Artisans d'Azure


Legion Armor - Torso

Les Artisans d'Azure

Starting at $625.00