Elren'dar 85cm
Elren'dar 85cm

Elren'dar 85cm


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Among those blades forged in the First Age of Elvenkind, few exist as famous as Elren'dar, the Blade of the Wood. This sword bears the legendary name of its master, the , the half-elf, half-god Prince of the Forest and Hero of the First Age. With this blade, Prince Elren'dar led the charge against the goblin, orc and black dwarf armies of the Twin Forests, defeating them and securing a kingdom of elves for generations to come. But alas, he was betrayed to his death in the Ash Wars, and his blade was lost to history. Myth claims that the blade of Elren'dar is infused with the valor and power of Elren'dar himself, and that it will only be found again when a hero of pure heart and desperate need again rises from the Forest People. Workshop Crafted in a style of deadly beauty, Elren'dars thin scimitar curves combine with finely engraved runes to give you a truly elvish-looking blade. Its hilt is truly unique, with a comfortable curved grip framed by a golden, highly detailed pommel and cross guard. Ideal as a showpiece, this blade is also entirely usable for Live Action Role Playing. This sword demonstrate how valuable is the union between Calimacil and the Atelier Fantastic Arts when it comes to make high quality weapons. Character For characters from displaced nobility and elvish captains to princess-warriors and wizards, Elren'dar is a blade of legend, rich in lore and the blood of the enemies of the free peoples. Whatever your station, whatever your race, whatever your past, Elren'dar, the Blade of the Wood offers you a dangerous and glorious future, should you choose to heed its call. Additional Informations Weight - 0.8 lbs - 350 gr Total Length - 32" - 81.3 cm Blade Length - 23" - 58.4 cm Blade Thickness - 0.75" - 1.9 cm Cross Guard length - 3.75" - 9.5 cm Hilt Length - 9.5" - 24.1 cm Hilt Colors Black, Gold Core Fiberglass Material - Calimacil Foam, Plastic